Gogglebox favourite looks completely different as fans can’t recognise returning star

ITV fans dubbed Daniel Lustig unrecognizable after he chops off his curly locks and opts for a clean shaven look

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Gogglebox: Daniel shows off his new haircut

Gogglebox viewers were left amazed last night as they dubbed Daniel Lustig’s new look ‘unrecognisable’.

Returning to the show with his husband Stephen Webb, the Brighton Gogglebox star donned a new hairstyle that fans couldn’t stop talking about.

Daniel was known for his gorgeous curls and closely shaved stubble, but his latest appearance saw him bare faced with a much closer cut, with the shape of his curls being completely lost.

The new appearance shocked fans, with some saying they couldn’t recognize the TV favorite with his new look.

Daniel revealed his new look as he sat on the couch with his husband who was happily discussing his weight loss journey.

Fans struggled to recognize Daniel with his new look


Channel 4)

Stephen proudly talked him through his progress, stating that he’d started out at 14 stone and seven pounds before dropping down by almost a stone over the course of a month.

Daniel donned a bright yellow T-shirt and praised his husband, while snacking on camera.

Though fans don’t seem to be focusing on Stephen’s progress, instead without his glasses, beard and curly locks, Daniel has managed to steal the show.

Fans weren’t too thrilled with the new look, with them taking to Twitter to express their confusion around his new style.

Fans much preferred Daniel’s curly hair


Channel 4)

One viewer wrote: “Why does Daniel look so unrecognisable?”

While a second penned: “Watching Gogglebox and seeing Stephen’s husband Daniel – that is one massive change of image! I don’t mind the hair cut, but I can’t get over his clean shaved look!”

A third said: “Daniel looks like Jim Carey in Dumb and Dumber”.

One fan of the show went so far as to suggest Daniel should find a new hairdresser, tweeting: “Daniel looks like a schoolboy now with his new haircut, missing the curls #Gogglebox #sackyourhairdresser”.

Daniel’s new look is quite different



Fans struggled to recognize Daniel


stephengwebb1971 / Instagram)

Some fans of the show preferred Daniel’s new look, saying: “Daniel looking better after dropping the Mick Hucknall look”

Viewers even went as far as to compare Daniel to historical figures, with one saying: “#Gogglebox Daniel looks like Julius Caesar with his new hair”

Daniel debuted his new look on the show after the couple had taken some time off the show to recover from Covid.

Last month Stephen tested positive for the virus, letting fans know in an Instagram post addressed to the crew of the ITV show.

Daniel is known for his curls and beard


Channel 4)

Wearing a gray jumper, baseball cap and stripy socks, he said: “Hello, this is a message to the Gogglebox crew. Good luck filming this week.

“I can’t wait to see you Friday. I need a laugh desperately. We can’t film this week because I’ve got Covid.”

He went on to show fans the “little room” he’d spent his isolation in, with a “tiny little bed” and “little bathroom”.

He captioned the post: “Gogglebox Back this Friday C4 9pm, gutted we won’t be back for episode 1. Looking forward to seeing everyone.”

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