Owner wants to knock down home on Welsh millionaires’ row

The owner of a home on a Welsh “millionaires’ row” wants to knock it down and replace it with a Grand Designs-style project. The current house sits in a stunning location on the clifftop at Abersoch, where average prices usually top £ 1m.

Applicant Sally Clarke wants to demolish the existing bungalow and a chalet next to it. In its place she has big plans for a contemporary home with its own outdoor swimming pool, North Wales Live reports. The area is the least affordable place to live in Wales, according to data we published today, and the average family would need to borrow 11.5 times the local average yearly income to afford a home here. You can see the full list of least affordable places here.

The planning statement with the application says the existing building is in a poor condition and needs a significant upgrade. It says the new building will be high quality with Welsh slate used. It added that it would be an improvement on the “dilapidated appearance of the existing dwelling”.

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Plans have been submitted to Gwynedd council. They say: “The proposal seeks to replace the existing dwelling and associated chalet which are of no architectural merit and do not make a positive contribution to the character and appearance of the site, the locality and the wider AONB. The existing dwelling is in poor condition as outlined by the building condition survey.

How the current house looks

“The survey explains that the dwelling is in need of extensive refurbishment and it is poorly insulated. It explains this would be difficult to improve whilst retaining the existing form and when combined with the structural defects, this makes refurbishment difficult to justify when it could be replaced with a modern, thermally efficient and sustainable replacement dwelling.

On the new property, it added: “The proposed replacement dwelling is of a high quality, contemporary design and would be built using sustainable materials and incorporating the latest energy efficient technology. It would be no taller than the existing dwelling and its footprint would fall within the outer limits of the existing building and the associated chalet. “

CGI image of the proposed new property on Lon Pont Morgan
CGI image of the proposed new property

It adds: “The proposed replacement dwelling would have a sedum roof and its elevations would be finished in natural materials such as slate and cladding in order to assimilate seamlessly into the landscape. The proposed dwelling would have no greater impact on the living conditions of the occupiers of nearby dwellings than the existing dwelling. It would also radically improve the appearance of the site, making a positive contribution to the surrounding landscape and the AONB. “

The application will now be considered by planners.

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